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Self-running Ladders

Once you setup an iTennis ladder, it is self-running. Players challenge each other, submit own match scores and view effect on ranking in real-time.

Intuitive Dashboards

Players have access to a customized dashboard with their challenges and matches. They have the option to join other ladders, request matches, submit scores...

Organizers get a quick snapshot of club ladders status in a simple admin. dashboard.

Ladder Registration Setup

Customize your online ladder registration your way. You can also just pick the defaults and you are up and running in a couple of minutes!

You can also make your ladder totally private without registration where you control who plays!

Customizable Ladder Rules

Choose which tennis ladder rules to use: proprietary point systems, win-replace, leap-frog... Fully customizable challenge & match rules  -- only a few shown here.

Real-time Ranking

The tennis ladder rankings are updated in real-time. Soon after a match is entered, or a challenge is forfeited, rankings are updated.

Tennis ladder ranking

Easy Match Entry

Simple match entry interface. It takes just a few seconds to submit a score.

Mobile App

FREE Native mobile Apps for ladder players and organizers included. Both iPhone / iPad and Android (Samsung) are supported. Players can enter scores, issue challenges, message each other ... all without leaving the app !

Seamless Website Integration

Integrates with your own website. Your members will have access to all club ladders from your website.

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