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What is a tennis ladder?

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What is a tennis ladder?

A tennis ladder is a system to rank a group of tennis players of similar abilities. Players are ranked sequentially. Each step in the ladder corresponds to a ranking. The number of steps in the ladder is the total number of players.

When the tennis ladder starts, players are given an initial ranking. As players challenge each other, and play matches, their rankings are adjusted accordingly.

The goal is to move up in ranking and climb the ladder.

How are players ranked?

How are players ranked in a tennis challenge ladder? There are multiple ways to manage tennis ladder rankings based on rules. The traditional way is called leap-frog or win-replace.

In such ladders, a lower ranked player who defeats a higher ranked player takes his or her ranking. The defeated player ranking drops by one. Player rankings dot no change if a higher ranked player defeats a lower ranked player.

Running tennis ladders based on points is another way manage player rankings.

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