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Benefits of playing in a tennis ladder

  • David Wilson
  • 1st February, 2021

Playing tennis matches regularly substantially improves match play ability. Hitting tennis balls or playing points for fun is great for working on specific tennis strokes. However, the benefits of playing matches are even greater if matches are structured to push a player out of his or her comfort zone. Playing in a seasonal tennis ladder provides such a structure!

Hard tennis courts on a sunny day
Improved Match Play

There are certain aspects of tennis that are difficult to effectively simulate while practicing. One such aspect is match toughness.

This crucial skill involves knowing when to take risks and how to manage points, and can only be developed by playing matches. As you gain more experience through matches, you become more adept at identifying your technical weaknesses. For instance, if you can execute a put-away volley during practice, but not when it counts in a match. Consistently attempting that shot during matches can improve your chances of successfully executing it. For me, the benefits of playing a close singles tennis match are equivalent to practicing for more than three sessions, or about 4 to 5 hours.

Better Concentration

Concentration is one of the hardest aspects of tennis to practice. Even the most disciplined club players have trouble focusing during a casual hitting session. The nice thing about hitting tennis balls or just playing for fun is that there is always another ball coming or another point to play (up until when you have to leave). Typically, concentration drops as we fatigue. Playing a match puts players in situations where they have to focus on winning, whether it's winning the next point, the next game or set. Playing in ladder or tournament provides a great way to practice concentration, which also helps outside of tennis.

Connect with Others

One of the benefits of playing tennis is connecting with friends. Playing matches is great a way to meet people and make new connections. After joining a ladder, you will probably get the chance to meet new friends. Playing in a doubles ladder, where players are ranked individually, allows you to team up with different partners. This makes it easy to try different team combinations before league play begins. If you are good player, give back and challenge someone lower ranked than you. Your opponent will appreciate it and will very you likely earn more points and move up the ladder.

Match Scheduling

Playing in a ladder provides you, the player, with a structure to compete as much or as little as you wish. Being challenged or challenging someone forces you to schedule and play a match. By agreeing to a ladder match, you are forced to block the time on your calendar and commit. Sometimes, we all need a little motivation.

Set Goals

Having a goal goes a long way in achieving progress. This is particularly true in improving your tennis game. A player, may want to set his or her goal to move up the ladder 3 spots. Or, a player may want to reach the #1 ranking in the ladder. Another goal may be to just have fun and meet other players. Playing in a ladder provides you with a concrete way to set and meet tennis goals. Players have more fun, focused, and targeted practices knowing that they have a match coming up.

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