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Benefits of organizing a seasonal
tennis ladder

  • David Wilson
  • 20th February, 2021

Organizing a tennis ladder is great way to provide your club, team, or group of friends a platform for match play. There are several benefits of organizing challenge ladders to your club and your players. Here are some of the benefits and added value to your club and members:

Red clay court with lady pointing at a tennis ball over the net
Increased Members Engagement

Players appreciate organized events. It takes the headaches out of setting up own matches. Having multiple ladders setup, by different levels, allows players to join and play where they are most comfortable. Engaged players often volunteer, spend more time at your facility, and probably spend more money at the pro shop, cafe etc.

Better Value

By providing a set of seasonal ladders, you increase your club's value proposition. This is an added activity that your club members will appreciate. They will benefit them by improving and expanding their tennis network. Players often continue playing with other ladder players once the season is over.

Improved Match Play

For your players, competing in a seasonal tennis ladder provides a structure for improving match play.

Increased Membership

Some clubs use challenge ladders as a mean to recruit new members. Special ladder events that are open to the public for short periods increase exposure to your club, thereby increasing membership. Have you considered reserving a few slots in your seasonal ladders, for non-members?

Junior Players also Benefit

Running a junior ladder is a great motivator: juniors could play in regularly scheduled ladder matches, which helps them in setting goals during practice. Players watch their ranking changes and adjust to improve or maintain current ranking.

The iTennisLadder makes it easy to organize tennis ladders. The built-in ranking systems allow players to be as competitive as they wish. The system is self-running with little time commitment on your part, beyond setting the ladders and governing tennis ladder rules. The built-in privacy safegards makes it ideal for junior ladders. Don't limit yourself by using a tennis ladder Excel spreadsheet or a tennis ladder template to manually manage your ladder. If you are using outdated software, it's time to upgrade. Try iTennisLadder, the tennis ladder software!